Thursday, April 18, 2019

Ap Portfolio 7-9

how images support the theme and relate to elements of art and principles of design to print due Thursday
Ice Cream Cone Flower -  Dichotomy unlike placement of specific items and how they actually work together well - Although this isn't a very realistic approach to the idea seeing as the flower isn't as spherical as a scoop of ice cream, it still manages to belong. Elements/Principles of Design: Space/Color - the Bright color of the purple flowers contrasts sharply with the nude of the ice cream cone and the blanched backdrop

Coca Cola: A Bottle of Coca Cola beside a glass full of Coca Cola gummies. Although the illusion can be shattered quicker due to the lack of liquid actually within the glass - the coke candies still mingle perfectly within their environment.
Principles of Art: Color: Colors of the Coke bottles and the candies match up nicely
Space: The arrangement of the coke bottle and the glass & the space surrounding them

Friday, March 8, 2019

Ap Portfolio

Thematic Connection/commentary

The concentration of my portfolio is  dichotomy.  Unlike items are placed within average circumstances. These three photos honestly need a bit of work, however, this is what I currently have to offer. For image one, I placed the popcorn box within a light box and filled it (with as much corn as I had) to the top. At first glance it appears relatively normal, but the corn doesn't actually belong. The colors work together nicely, the yellows popping well against the white background. There is a bit too much white space, so I should have gotten closer to the subject as a whole. For the noodle image, the two pencils are mimicking chopsticks picking up noodles, or in this case rubber bands. The concept is strong, but the outcome wasnt as realistic as it could have been. The point of these photographs are to be as realistic as possibly, with unlike objects - the noodles over lapping the "chopsticks" create a big weakness for this photo. The bowl of rubber bands below adds to the overall idea, and brings a bit more understanding to the picture. Both ends of the pencil should have been exposed, to emphasis the fact that they are indeed pencils. The final image is a sweet one, seeing as it's a piano made our of kitkat and vanilla wafers. I took it from the side angle to mimick how an actual individual would play the instrument. The alignment of the "black keys" arent as straight as they could be and there also isn't exactly enough keys to my piano. Once again, the concept was strong, but the execution could have been a bit better. Since this portfolio is so conceptual based, the execution is extremely crucial to nail down. The photos I've presented require a bit of touching up, but I strongly believe that I will be capable of creating a portfolio that illustrates my ideas smoothly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Food Photography

Food Photography

Oh oatmeal, you have a special place in my heart. This project was fun - I really enjoyed the process of not only cooking the meal that I was going to photograph - but everything else that went into it. The placement of the food, the lighting, the extra bits and pieces here and there. I feel like it really came together well. The background's color palette matches well with the warmth found within the bowls of oatmeal. The lighting I feel is excellent, it doesn't look too dark, or artificial. I think my focus is pretty good too, it's on the bowl of oatmeal itself - however, it might have been nice to get the almonds and cinnamon sticks in focus as well. I feel like the bottom of the photo does look a bit odd, perhaps because it's sort of some negative space, but other than that I think it came out pretty well!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Breadth Porfolio

I've been taking photography for 2 years, and I've not only improved dramatically, but I've slowly become passionate about a new artistic media. I hope to continue polishing up my work, but as of now, this is what I bring to the table for my breadth portfolio. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Ap Photo Final Challenges

This final was a bit different, in the best way. It was a week before Christmas break, which made it completely fitting to have a secret Santa-finals edition. The whole class wrote four photo challenges on a note card and pulled names from a bucket, whoever you selected was the challenge that you completed. I loved all of my topics, and for these photos, I was in the studio for 3 out of 4 of them (I've finally learned how to use the lights properly! I've fallen in love with the equipment.) My topics were "Studio Lighting, Red, Joy, and Action." I struggled the most with the action photo, cause it's pretty out of my comfort zone. Either way, I had a blast shooting these, and I know for a fact that I will be using the studio more often from here on out. :^) 

Studio Lighting - It's fun experimenting with different lights when in the studio. I turned off one of the flashes to get a harsher light on the left side of the models face. It's a really simple shot, but simple can be good. I wish I would have centered her a bit more, but other than that I think it's okay. The focus on her eyes extremely well done. 

Red - This one was my favorite. When I read through my categories and saw red, it was as if the photo created itself within my head. I knew exactly who I wanted my model to be and what I wanted to shoot. I love how the color emphasizes the emotion of the model. The focus is pretty good too. 

Joy - My least favorite! It's a bit dark, and the background is pretty distracting. The focus on her eyes is good and I like the flowers in the corner of the image. 

Action - I felt like this photo wasn't very creative (cause I know that it's been done before.) It came out pretty well though! I know that the chalk powder sort of blocks the models face, but I think that's okay. The point of the shot was action, which it portrays. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Photo Challenges

Photo Challenges

 Artistic Purpose/Statement: Took Radical Blur far beyond its normal settings. I knew that it would create the circle shape I was looking for. The complementary colors blue/red give it an edgy, modern feel to it. The shadows bordering the image bring it together and create shadows/depth.

Artistic Purpose/Statement: It was a relatively simple photoshop edit, you can take any object and cut it into sections to create a split effect. I literally took a pear and turned it into a pair :) The blue outline with the shadow creates depth/some sort of realism. The color green was chosen because it's sort of a poppy, fun color. The black/white creates contrast with the background.
 Artistic Purpose/Statement: This atrocity. So, it was inspired by a line-portrait edit I've seen in the past. The shadows/colors create a sort of late night-city atmosphere. Her facial expression keeps the edit serious - it's not very light-hearted. The variety of shifts create the lines - Overall - it feels raw and almost to the point of unfinished.

Artistic Purpose/Statement: Line/Space are everything to this photograph. The color of the negative space makes the lines pop. The distance between the 1st and second structure creates depth and draws your eyes to the middle. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

Photoshop/Illustrator Composite

One of the best assignments this year so far. We were given freedom to experiment in photoshop-testing out different tutorials and techniques that may help us build future AP portfolios. It's was nice to exercise our creative abilities and learn a few new aspects of the programs. This time around I turned to Adobe illustrator rather than photoshop, and I had an absolute blast! I wouldn't say that it could be utilized as much as photoshop when it comes to photography, but it's very good for art/vectors/icons.