Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Food Photography

Food Photography

Oh oatmeal, you have a special place in my heart. This project was fun - I really enjoyed the process of not only cooking the meal that I was going to photograph - but everything else that went into it. The placement of the food, the lighting, the extra bits and pieces here and there. I feel like it really came together well. The background's color palette matches well with the warmth found within the bowls of oatmeal. The lighting I feel is excellent, it doesn't look too dark, or artificial. I think my focus is pretty good too, it's on the bowl of oatmeal itself - however, it might have been nice to get the almonds and cinnamon sticks in focus as well. I feel like the bottom of the photo does look a bit odd, perhaps because it's sort of some negative space, but other than that I think it came out pretty well!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Breadth Porfolio

I've been taking photography for 2 years, and I've not only improved dramatically, but I've slowly become passionate about a new artistic media. I hope to continue polishing up my work, but as of now, this is what I bring to the table for my breadth portfolio. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Ap Photo Final Challenges

This final was a bit different, in the best way. It was a week before Christmas break, which made it completely fitting to have a secret Santa-finals edition. The whole class wrote four photo challenges on a note card and pulled names from a bucket, whoever you selected was the challenge that you completed. I loved all of my topics, and for these photos, I was in the studio for 3 out of 4 of them (I've finally learned how to use the lights properly! I've fallen in love with the equipment.) My topics were "Studio Lighting, Red, Joy, and Action." I struggled the most with the action photo, cause it's pretty out of my comfort zone. Either way, I had a blast shooting these, and I know for a fact that I will be using the studio more often from here on out. :^) 

Studio Lighting - It's fun experimenting with different lights when in the studio. I turned off one of the flashes to get a harsher light on the left side of the models face. It's a really simple shot, but simple can be good. I wish I would have centered her a bit more, but other than that I think it's okay. The focus on her eyes extremely well done. 

Red - This one was my favorite. When I read through my categories and saw red, it was as if the photo created itself within my head. I knew exactly who I wanted my model to be and what I wanted to shoot. I love how the color emphasizes the emotion of the model. The focus is pretty good too. 

Joy - My least favorite! It's a bit dark, and the background is pretty distracting. The focus on her eyes is good and I like the flowers in the corner of the image. 

Action - I felt like this photo wasn't very creative (cause I know that it's been done before.) It came out pretty well though! I know that the chalk powder sort of blocks the models face, but I think that's okay. The point of the shot was action, which it portrays. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Photo Challenges

Photo Challenges

 Artistic Purpose/Statement: Took Radical Blur far beyond its normal settings. I knew that it would create the circle shape I was looking for. The complementary colors blue/red give it an edgy, modern feel to it. The shadows bordering the image bring it together and create shadows/depth.

Artistic Purpose/Statement: It was a relatively simple photoshop edit, you can take any object and cut it into sections to create a split effect. I literally took a pear and turned it into a pair :) The blue outline with the shadow creates depth/some sort of realism. The color green was chosen because it's sort of a poppy, fun color. The black/white creates contrast with the background.
 Artistic Purpose/Statement: This atrocity. So, it was inspired by a line-portrait edit I've seen in the past. The shadows/colors create a sort of late night-city atmosphere. Her facial expression keeps the edit serious - it's not very light-hearted. The variety of shifts create the lines - Overall - it feels raw and almost to the point of unfinished.

Artistic Purpose/Statement: Line/Space are everything to this photograph. The color of the negative space makes the lines pop. The distance between the 1st and second structure creates depth and draws your eyes to the middle. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

Photoshop/Illustrator Composite

One of the best assignments this year so far. We were given freedom to experiment in photoshop-testing out different tutorials and techniques that may help us build future AP portfolios. It's was nice to exercise our creative abilities and learn a few new aspects of the programs. This time around I turned to Adobe illustrator rather than photoshop, and I had an absolute blast! I wouldn't say that it could be utilized as much as photoshop when it comes to photography, but it's very good for art/vectors/icons. 

Thursday, November 1, 2018


This will technically be my second year of photography - I'm taking two extremely different classes though - One is commercial based while the other is artistic. I've learned that as a photographer I don't like to rush or force ideas/photos, there's a pull between wanting to simply enjoy myself while I take photos and have them come out as the say "picture perfect". I'm also very nervous, so I usually seek out outside opinions when it comes to my photos :^).  The images that follow are some of the ones I've entered into ATPI. I want to be more creative with my work in the future. 

Open - Decent focus, cool concept of the reflector ball - really good depth of field - Black & white filter gives it an overall atmosphere

Still Life - Extremely good focus, pretty good exposure, the composition is rather fitting as well

Environmental Portrait - I managed to capture her reflection, and the black/white filter makes this image mysterious & borderline depressing ;) The focus is on her eyes, right where it needs to be

Still -Life The composition is unique, a well done illustration of values, there isn't any blurriness/something that shouldn't belong

Environmental Portrait - I absolutely love this photograph. The focus, the lighting, the models pose.. I don't think I would a thing differently. 

Nature - This is a very heart warming photo - the shining of the sun & the pop of the subtle pink is something I really enjoy :^) The focus, as usually, is decent as well. 

Still-Life - The composition! It's very clean, I wish the black chess pieces weren't as faded out - but I think it's a pretty strong photo otherwise

Advertising - I think that this is strong due to it's color, slogan design, and focus! I love how it's a little artistic, and it tells the audience exactly what it's advertising.

Animal - I thought that it would be neat to have this little guy in a fancy glass - when I was shooting this he sat his little head up like shown above for about 12 seconds before he decided he didn't want anything to do with the camera. The contrast at the bottom of the picture and the focus on his head is what makes this picture.

Architecture/Cityscape - One of my many panoramic photos - I must say this one is my favorite. I love how there isn't anything unnatural - the photos intertwined together nicely and the focus as a whole is wonderful. The color/composition is strong as well :^)

Saturday, October 13, 2018

5 Best Fieldtrip Images

My Five Best Field trip Images

So far this year I've been on 2 field trips and out of 700 photos I present to you my 5 "best". As always, there is always room for improvement, however, the architectural photos I've taken so far truly aren't half bad :^) Most of these I've experiment with topaz filters and artistic edits. I hope to continue making those types of edits and generally taking good quality photographs.

I love the black/white pop of the image & how it's warped due to the lens I used. The topaz filter that makes the building appear as if it was painted is something I enjoy as well.

This image was a bit tricky because it was full to the brim with people that I had to tediously cut out. Out of the 5 of them this one is my least favorite. I know overall that it's a pretty well done photo, the exposure along with the focus is decent but I'm just not feeling it as much as the others. Perhaps it's the subject?

I absolutely love this panoramic! I took it when I was at the top of a parking garage. I swear, those are the best places to get cityscape photos for free. I do enjoy the original picture, but the subtle artistic topaz applied gives it more character.

One of the many photos where a mistake resulted in a decent outcome. There's so much going on, however, I think it's what makes the picture. It's a fish eye/hdr, something I also think is pretty unique.

This photo is actually upside down! I'm really glad that I experimented with the reflector ball (even if it's beginning to become overused...) The black and white filter changes the photo completely so I'm glad I added it.